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Industry knowledge
Characteristics, Applications, and Technical Requirements of Contact Fragments
09-15 / 2023

1、 Features of contact with shrapnel:

The characteristic of contact shrapnel is that it only twists and turns slightly in one direction - the minimum stiffness plane, while having large tensile and flexural stiffness in the other direction. Therefore, sheet tension springs are very suitable for use as sensitive components, elastic supports, positioning equipment, flexible connections, etc. in detection instruments or automatic equipment.

2、 Application of contact fragments:

According to the characteristics of the material, it is widely used in various types of touch devices for different environments of actuating tissues, and the most commonly used is the straightly cantilevered spring with the simplest shape. The resistance of the touch pad needs to be small, so it is made of bronze.

The purpose of measuring the tension spring is to change the force or displacement. If the fixed structure and load-bearing method can ensure that the operating length of the tension spring remains unchanged, the stiffness of the sheet tension spring is stable within a small deformation range, and nonlinear characteristics can also be obtained if necessary, such as pressing the tension spring onto the limit plate or adjusting screw, and changing its operating length.

3、 Technical requirements for contacting shrapnel:

1. The radius of the curved machining section. When forming tension spring sheets, most of them need to undergo tortuous processing. If the curvature radius of the tortuous parts is relatively small, then these parts will undergo significant stress. Therefore, in order to avoid significant stress in the tortuous part, the design should ensure that the radius of the curvature is at least five times the thickness of the plate.

2. Stress concentration at the notch or hole location. Tensioning spring sheets often have stepped parts and openings, and stress concentration will occur at the step where the scale changes sharply. The smaller the diameter of the hole, the larger the width of the plate, and the greater the stress concentration coefficient.

3. The shape and size of the tension spring are public. The tension spring is commonly used for stamping processing. When designing, it is necessary to consider selecting the shape and scale suitable for stamping processing, and at the same time, it is also necessary to fully consider the resilience of the tension spring during winding processing and the deformation that occurs during heat treatment.

The requirements for heat treatment of tension spring sheets should be based on their performance requirements, and the hardness after heat treatment can generally be determined between 36 and 52HRC.

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