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Industry knowledge
Common Sense of Precision Hardware Stamping Processing
09-15 / 2023

There are many common knowledge about precision metal stamping processing, including the main measures to reduce manufacturing costs, the stamping process divided into two categories based on the overall deformation properties of materials, and the five types of deformation in the stamping process:

1、 The main ways to reduce manufacturing costs:

1. Improve the rationalization level of the process.

2. Improve the level of mold design, reduce processes, and increase the lifespan of molds.

3. By improving the automation and high-speed level of the stamping process, we can reduce costs.

4. Design molds for processing various workpieces together.

5. Adopting the method of improving the utilization rate of data to reduce costs.

2、 According to the overall deformation properties of the data, precision metal stamping processes are divided into two categories:

1. Separation process: Under the action of external forces, the stress in the deformed part of the data exceeds the strength limit of the data, and the sheet breaks and separates.

2. Plastic deformation process: When the stress in the deformed part of the sheet material exceeds the yield limit of the data under external force, but does not reach the strength limit, only plastic deformation is generated to obtain a certain shape and scale.

3、 Five types of deformation in precision metal stamping process

1. Stereo pressing: Redistributing the volume and handling the data to modify the shape or height thickness of the billet.

2. Twist: Transforming a flat sheet metal into a zigzag component, further altering the shape of the zigzag component. There are bends, crooked edges, etc.

3. Rolling: Stamping a flat blank into a hollow part of the desired shape, or making further changes to the size of the hollow part.

4. Forming: Using various properties of partial deformation to modify the shape of a workpiece or blank. The types attributed to forming deformation include undulating forming, flanging, necking, bulging, rounding, and shaping.

5. Rejection and cutting: Not closing or not closing separates one part of the data from another. The methods classified into this category include cutting, punching, edge cutting, blocking, sectioning, and cutting.

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