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Industry knowledge
Analysis of the Conditions that Precision Stamping Materials Should Have
05-09 / 2024

Precision stamping parts are manufactured through a series of stamping processes such as stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, and cutting. Their manufacturing difficulty is relatively high. In order to meet production requirements and achieve good product forming effects, there are high requirements for the stamping materials of precision stamping parts. So what conditions should precision stamping materials meet? Below, the editor will analyze and answer for everyone.

1、 The stamping performance required for precision stamping materials:

1. Stamping materials should be easy to obtain high-quality and high-precision precision stamping parts, which is convenient for production and processing.

2. The ultimate deformation degree and total ultimate deformation degree of a stamping process for stamping materials should be large enough to improve production efficiency.

3. Stamping materials have low wear and tear on precision stamping parts and precision stamping molds, and are less prone to scrap, which is conducive to increasing production.


The process requirements that precision stamping materials should meet:

1. The thickness tolerance of stamping materials should comply with national standards: different mold gaps are applicable to materials of different thicknesses. If the thickness tolerance of the material is too large, it not only directly affects the quality of the stamping parts, but also may cause damage to the mold or press.

2. Stamping materials have high surface quality: the surface of the stamping material is clean and flat, without defects such as oxide skin, cracks, rust spots, scratches, and delamination. Materials with good surface condition are not easy to crack or scratch the mold during processing, and the surface quality of the resulting stamped parts is also good.

3. Stamped parts materials should have good plasticity: Stamped materials should have high elongation and cross-sectional shrinkage, low yield and high tensile strength, high plasticity, and can deform greatly, which is conducive to the stability and uniformity of the stamping process and improves the dimensional accuracy of precision stamping parts.

4. Stamping materials should have good adaptability to mechanical joints and further processing (such as welding, polishing, etc.), and should not damage mechanical equipment.

The stamping materials of precision stamping parts are related to the performance and quality of stamping parts. The selection of stamping materials needs to meet the relevant conditions above and meet production requirements.

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