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Industry knowledge
What is the difference between precision metal stamping and ordinary metal stamping
06-18 / 2020

Metal stamping parts are widely used in various industries. According to different products, the dimensional accuracy requirements of metal stamping parts are different. Precision industries such as watches and medical treatment have higher dimensional accuracy of metal stamping parts. So what is the difference between precision metal stamping and ordinary metal stamping, and what factors affect the precision? What is ordinary metal stamping? Ordinary stamping does not require high precision of stamping parts. The thickness of the substrate is relatively thick. It does not need cutting, cutting, stretching and other processes. Normal stamping can meet the requirements. Ordinary stamping processing is generally aimed at stamping large pieces of metal, such as stamping bowls and basins. Larger ones and smaller ones will not affect its function of loading rice. It can be called ordinary stamping. Generally speaking, the difference between precision stamping and ordinary stamping lies in the requirements for stamping equipment and the accuracy of stamping parts required. If the user requires high precision stamping parts and a large amount of stamping parts, they can choose to use precision stamping. On the contrary, if the precision requirements of the stamping parts are not high, and the stamping is made of ordinary sheet materials. What is precision metal stamping? Precision stamping is a material processing method developed on the basis of ordinary stamping technology. It improves the guiding accuracy and reduces the gap between the convex and concave dies of the metal stamping die to achieve precision stamping or precision stamping and other forming processes Compound process is obtained. Precision stamping has higher requirements on the precision of stamping parts. In the process of processing and production, stamping coils or forming, you must consider the high technical requirements of appropriate precision punches, molds, materials, lubricants, etc. In the production process of high-precision metal stamping, the mold master needs to have a considerable foundation in stamping die design, understand material properties and material lubrication. Factors affecting the precision of precision metal stamping parts: 1. The order of precision metal stamping is incorrect. 2. The springback in the precision metal stamping process, the shape of the part in the previous process and the shape of the supporting surface of the mold working part in the next process are inconsistent, which makes the precision stamping part deform during the punching process, thus affecting the size Accuracy. 3. Due to the poor positioning of the cao during precision metal stamping, the blanks move during the blanking process. Or the inaccurate positioning caused by the defects of the shearing parts (prismatic degree, missing edges, etc.) can cause size tolerance. 4. The quality of raw materials selected for precision metal stamping is poor. 5. The cutting edge size of precision metal stamping die is out of tolerance. 6. Due to the improper adjustment of the previous process or the wear of the rounded corners of the precision metal stamping multi-process parts, the principle of equal volume during deformation is broken, and the size changes after punching . 7. The shape of precision metal stamping stamping is not good
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