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Industry knowledge
The difference between male and female ends
07-06 / 2020

The connector is CONNECTOR. Also known as connectors, plugs and sockets in China. Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signal.

Connectors can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, our commonly used data cables and computer cables are also one of the connectors. There are male and female connectors for matching connectors, so how to distinguish?

1. One side of the plug (the protruding connector) is male, and the side of the jack (recessed connector) is the female.

2. To distinguish from the appearance and shape, the pointed part is generally a male terminal, and the head with a round hole is generally a female terminal.

3. It can be distinguished by size: generally the larger head is female, and the smaller head is male.

Benefits of using connectors

1. Improve the production process: The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. Also simplifies the mass production process;

2. Easy to repair: If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed;

3. Easy to upgrade: With the advancement of technology, components can be updated when connectors are installed, and new and more complete components can be used to replace the old ones;

4. Improve design flexibility: The use of connectors enables engineers to have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when composing systems with components.

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