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Industry knowledge
What is precision mold
07-18 / 2020

1. Molds are precision forming tools used for batch forming and processing products such as shen. The accuracy of the mold includes the accuracy of the parts obtained in processing and the quality awareness to ensure the accuracy of the product during production, but the mold accuracy usually refers to the accuracy of the working parts of the mold.

①. The concept of precision in mold processing refers to the degree of agreement between the actual geometric parameters of chess parts processing and assembly and the design geometric parameters.

②. The concept of precision in mold production refers to a mode of thinking that is gradually formed by employees in the production hall to guide their production behavior, a kind of quality awareness, that is, in the behavior of enterprise employees, always implement the quality of product accuracy awareness.

2. The content of mold accuracy includes four aspects: dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy, and surface accuracy. Since the mold is divided into two parts, the upper mold and the lower mold, the mutual position accuracy between the upper mold and the lower mold is the most important among the four accuracy.

3. Mold accuracy is a high-precision product that serves the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the mold must be guaranteed by a higher-precision mold. The accuracy of the mold must be higher than the accuracy of the part by 2 or more.

4. my country has been able to produce multi-station progressive dies with a precision of 2 microns, and the life span can reach more than 300 million strokes. The multi-station progressive dies produced by individual enterprises can be used on high-speed punch presses with a precision of one micron per minute. Coastal areas, especially Guangdong Province, are at the forefront of the domestic industry in terms of the overall level of mold manufacturing in terms of quantity and quality, and the technology of drama modeling is close to the international level.

5. The difference between precision molds and ordinary molds lies in their accuracy. Because molds involve a wide range of fields, there are different definitions for different industries and fields of precision molds. There is currently no uniform definition standard. The key to defining whether a set of molds is a precision mold is that the product dimensions it makes are accurately defined in my country's national standards and the Ministry of Machinery Industry Standards. For auto parts, plastic molds and compression molds are used more, and the product size requirements are relatively strict, and some dimensional tolerances are only defined

In plus or minus 0.005mm. At the same time, the manufacture of precision molds mainly depends on advanced equipment and advanced processing.

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