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Industry knowledge
Correct use, maintenance, and characteristic application of stamping parts
01-12 / 2024

(1) Correct use and maintenance of stamping molds

To ensure normal production, improve the quality of metal stamping parts, reduce costs, extend the service life of stamping molds, correctly use and reasonably maintain molds, strictly implement the "three inspections" system of stamping molds (pre use inspection, in use inspection, and post use inspection), and do a good job in stamping molds and maintenance work.

Its main work includes the correct installation and debugging of molds; Strictly control the entry of the male mold into the female mold; Control the extension of upper and lower dead points in processes such as bending and cold extrusion; Timely re polish and polish the edges of the chess tools; Pay attention to the cleanliness and proper lubrication of the chess pieces, and trim the inclined or curved edges of the punch. This is a method to reduce the punching force. By slowing down the punching force, the tension on the side material of the female mold can be reduced, thereby achieving the effect of flipping and twisting the stamped parts.

The correct use and reasonable maintenance of molds are crucial for improving their lifespan.

(2) Characteristic Applications of Stamped Parts

Stamped parts are the production process of product parts that use the power of conventional or stamping equipment to directly deform the sheet metal in the mold, thereby obtaining shape, size, and performance. Sheet metal, molds, and equipment are the three major elements of stamping. Stamping is a cold deformation processing method for metals. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, or simply stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing) and also belongs to material forming engineering technology.

50-60% of the steel is sheet metal, with the majority being finished products after stamping and pressing. Body, radiator plate, steam boiler drum, container shell, motor and electrical core silicon steel sheet, etc. All have been stamped and processed. Instruments, household appliances, office machines, storage appliances, and other products also have a large number of stamping parts. Yes, it is the pioneer of stamping, using composite molds, with the exception of multi-station progressive molds, which can complete multiple stamping process operations on a single press and automatically generate materials. Dai, with long rest time and low cost, costs several hundred yuan per minute, and is loved by many processing factories.

Metal stamping parts are thin, uniform, light, and strong because they compete with castings and forgings. Workpieces with reinforcing ribs, ribs, coils, or flanges are difficult to manufacture with this familiar manual diameter and can be stamped to improve their rigidity. Due to the removal of coarse molds, the workpiece accuracy can reach the micrometer level, with consistent specifications and the ability to punch holes, protrusions, etc. In actual production, process tests similar to stamping processes, such as tensile performance tests and bulging performance tests, are often used to check the stamping performance of materials, in order to ensure the quality of finished products and high qualification rates.

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