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Grinding process for precision mold accessories
11-28 / 2019

Mold accessories refer to the parts or components that assemble molds; It can also refer to mold parts or components that have been reinstalled after being damaged. Precision molds are generally composed of many parts and can be divided into two categories: process parts and structural parts. Process parts directly affect the quality of forming, and the decisive quality of process parts is achieved through precision machining techniques in current precision mold accessories. The precision machining process is related to the lifespan and formed products of precision molds. In the precision machining stage of precision mold parts processing, in addition to using slow wire cutting, electric spark forming and other process techniques, another method is to grind and process on the basis of heat treatment after semi precision machining.

So in the grinding stage of precision mold parts processing, it is necessary to control many technical parameters such as deformation, internal stress, shape tolerance, and dimensional accuracy of the parts. In specific production practices, there are many operational difficulties, but in Dongguan Shili and 15 years of fine machining experience, we can summarize and analyze methods that can be used for reference. Firstly, we can control the precision mold accessory processing from the precision machining process of the mold. We can provide selective solutions for different mold parts, different raw materials, different shapes, and different technical requirements through adaptive processing. The focus of most precision mold accessory processing enterprises is to achieve better processing efficiency and economy through the control of the processing process. The process of precision mold parts processing generally includes: rough machining - semi precision machining - (quenching, tempering) - fine grinding - electrical machining - fitter finishing - assembly processing.

There are three primary types of machine tools used in the grinding process of precision mold parts processing: surface grinding machines, inner and outer circular grinding machines, and east-west forming grinding machines. During precision machining and grinding, it is necessary to strictly control the appearance of grinding deformation and grinding cracks, even if it is a micro crack on the surface of the workpiece, otherwise it will gradually appear in subsequent work. Therefore, during fine grinding, the feed amount should be small, the cooling should be sufficient, and the coolant medium should be selected as much as possible. Parts with machining allowances within 0.01mm should be ground at a constant temperature as much as possible.

During grinding, the grinding wheel should be promptly trimmed to maintain its sharpness. When the grinding wheel is passivated, it will slip, scratch, and compress on the surface of the workpiece, forming burns, micro cracks, or grooves on the surface of the workpiece, significantly reducing its effectiveness for future use. Most of the processing of disk and plate parts is done using a surface grinder, which poses certain processing difficulties when processing long and thin thin sheet parts. Before processing, under the strong attraction of the magnetic table of the grinding machine, the workpiece had a certain degree of bending and deformation, which was close to the surface of the workbench. After grinding, the workpiece deformed and recovered under the original stress effect. When measuring the thickness of the plate, it showed consistency. However, due to the deformation recovery, the flatness did not meet the requirements for precision mold parts processing. The solution is to pad the workpiece with an equal height pad iron before grinding, Block the workpiece with blocking blocks around it to prevent movement. During grinding, the feed amount of the grinding head should be small. Use multiple tool passes to complete the reference plane. After machining one side of the reference plane, this reference plane can be adsorbed on the magnetic table. By using the grinding method mentioned above, the flatness of most workpieces can be improved.

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